Fees Policy

A Contact lens fitting exam consists of a routine eye exam (with or without dilation), 1 prescription for glasses, 1 prescription for contacts lenses, and 1 pair of contact trials. Both prescriptions are good for 1 year only. These prices cover up to 3 months of follow-up care pertaining to the prescriptions dispensed for glasses/contacts. Office visits for eye infections or foreign body removals during this period do not pertain to follow-up care visits and will be billed accordingly at the time of services.

If patient has an eye infection or requires Toric, bifocal, etc., the doctor may need to order trial lenses and dispense trial lenses close enough to the patient’s prescription (if available) at the time of the exam. This in turn may result in the patient not receiving contact lens prescription at the time of exam. These trials may take up to 4+ weeks to arrive to our office.

Because most vision plans do not cover the contact lens fitting or cover it out of the patient’s contact lens allowance, losing the full glasses allowance; our office DOES NOT BILL the insurance for the contact lens fitting but bills the patient at the time of the exam. The ONLY EXCEPTION to this policy is when the patient’s vision plan does cover the contact lens fitting with an additional co-pay(if any) to the routine exam copay.

If the patient is interested in the contact lens fitting at a later date, the patient is given up to 2 months for the date of the exam to return for the fitting and only pay the contact lens fitting fee.

Services With Insurance Without Insurance
Routine Eye Examination with or without Dilation Copay $75.00
Routine eye examination with contact lens fitting Single Vision (spherical) or Toric (Astigmatism) wear Copay + $60.00 $135.00
Routine eye examination with contact lens fitting Bi-focal, Mono-vision or Gas permeable (hard) lens wear Copay + $75.00 $150.00
Routine eye examination with contact lens fitting Keratoconous contact lens wear (6 month care) Copay + $140.00 $215.00
4-5 month follow-ups will be charged a re-refraction fee $50.00
6+ month follow-ups will be treated as an annual eye exam $50.00

We appreciate you choosing our office for your vision examination and trust you will be satisfied with our services. We hope to continue seeing you and your family for years to come!